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Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Streets, It's gonna be a long night, We are among you, Brand New Organ, Atom Age Harmonica Blowout, 5 Years Later, Harp Explosion, Various Bands and Guest Apperances, and 3 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $35.70 USD or more (30% OFF) Send as Gift about Streets is a cover song of my ex band Thee Knuckleheads. It is originally recorded in 2005. and now 17 years later it is recorded as a 10 minute version in Harp Explosion stile. I also have a guest on bass, the fantastic Shpira from Novi Sad. I hope you will enjoy this harp journey...Iggy - harp, arrangements, productionShpira - bass, drum loop $(".tralbum-about").last().bcTruncate(TruncateProfile.get("tralbum_about"), "more", "less"); credits released March 13, 2022 license all rights reserved tags Tags blues blues punk garage harmonica looping one man band Vinkovci Shopping cart total USD Check out about HARP EXPLOSION Thee One Man band Vinkovci, Croatia

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Some of these songs are easy, and beginner player can grab their harmonica and have fun playing them in a few minutes, the intermediate harmonica players can try my enhanced versions, and the improvisation they'll find with most of the tunes.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Michael Schlesinger sits in with David Miller, an award-winning musician from Milwaukee. Miller has made a name for himself in a niche medium among musicians, a professional harmonica player.

This essay explores the transformation of blues harmonica education in recent decades, via changes in the racial cohorts of teachers and students, emergence of digital technologies and dematerialization of teaching contexts. As a by-product of the 'whitening' of the American blues scene between 1960 and 1970, 'old-school' pedagogical exchanges constituted by black masters and apprentices modulated to include white apprentices. Tony 'Little Sun' Glover's instructional Blues Harp (1965) marks a key transition: an erstwhile white master engaging in distance learning with an invisible cohort of students. Subsequently, literature scholar and blues harp player/teacher, Gussow, vowed to 'give it all away on YouTube', creating a pioneering website for peddling instructional videos. He also interrogates racial problematics of his business model, sketches his blues apprenticeships with older African Americans and concludes with a story about his own younger black apprentice, a Memphis teen who wins a 'Star Search' competition, harmonica in hand.

My day gig is teaching English and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, including courses on blues literature and culture. But I have also played blues harmonica for more than four decades, and my life in and around the blues has taken many forms. I have busked a fair bit in Europe and America--including four years on the streets of Harlem--and I still play the occasional street fair. I have logged more club dates and restaurant gigs than I care to remember, plus dozens of festivals from Chicago to Dublin, New Orleans to Neuchatel. As a blues harp instructor I still occasionally teach privately, but most of my work is in small-group classes and larger lectures at workshops and jam camps across the country. At the beginning of this decade I organized and produced three annual iterations of a Mississippi-based event, Hill Country Harmonica, and brought in headliners like Sugar Blue and Billy Branch to teach and perform. (1) I have written a handful of blues books, including a memoir, Mister Satan's Apprentice (Gussow 1998), and recorded nine CDs, five of them with my duo, Satan and Adam, and several as self-produced solo outings. I also produced the debut album from a young African American harmonica player from Memphis, Brandon Bailey, which drew national attention and charted briefly on iTunes.

Yet in terms of global impact, my various investments in the blues are dwarfed by what happened when, a decade ago and quite by accident, I decided to take my blues ministry into the world of digital media. Back in February of 2007, when YouTube was still a wild and untested frontier, I decided to upload a video entitled 'Blues Harmonica Secrets Revealed (Gussow.000)' in which I proclaimed my intention to 'give it all away'--every last bit of carefully guarded esoteric knowledge that professional blues harmonica players possess, every precious shred of technical how-to and spiritual guidance I could muster. On the digital end, I was a complete novice. I had no idea how wireless networks worked; my wife and...

HER NEW LAST NAME/Franklin Fisher NELL SLEEPS with her hand on her mother's breast until Mrs. Pope comes in, carrying chickens to pluck. Nell is put outside. She hears the door close behind her, and feels the wind warm on her back. The wind whistles in the trees. Children down in the haystack yard climb the shed and jump into the haystack and vanish. Abig boy tosses a little girl into the hay and she vanishes. Nell catches her dress on the barbs and the big boy comes and untangles her and throws her into the haystack, where she vanishes. Her brothers have typhoid fever. Nell carries their food to them from the kitchen and eats what they leave on their plates. Nell may die. Dr. Brownfield pulls up her nightgown, places a hand on her belly. She pushes his hand away. Her brother Dave will give her marbles if he can cut her hair. She keeps her eyes closed and drifts inside her fever but holds the marbles tight in her hand as she feels the hair drop from one side of her head, then the other, and gather on the cot under her neck. For a long time she is pulled everywhere in the little red wagon by her mother. Her mother takes her everywhere she goes. She is with her mother all the time. She kneels in the potato cellar while her brothers pour potatoes down onto her from the kitchen floor. Her job is to push the potatoes aside as they pour in, to make room for more. Stink bugs crawl over her hands as she pushes the potatoes. Potatoes pour in so fast she is afraid of being smothered. They cover her thighs as she squats there; they strike her arms and shoulders. The Missouri Review 139 A man the others call George sits at the table and rocks it back and forth on his knees while everyone laughs. He breaks his potatoes open with his fingers. When he comes again Nell runs to her mother in the kitchen and whispers: That big man who makes the table go back and forth is in the house. That's your brother, her mother says. Nell goes back and watches him from the doorway until her mother tells her to move. A dark-haired man with a careless smile stays with them for a month. Nell falls in love with his teeth. She follows him around the house and into the yard, and would follow him into town if he didn't reach down from his horse and pick her up and carry her back to the yard. She learns his name is Gil and he's her brother too, but he has a different mother and she's dead. In the evening he plays I see you, I see you, hiding behind that chair for Nell on his harmonica while she peeks out and ducks her head again, dissolving in love for Gil. When he leaves he lifts her up for a kiss and tells her when he's a millionaire he'll buy her a silk dress. An angry man her mother's age comes to town once and disappears with her father for the afternoon. Her sister Phebe tells her he is their brother Moroni, who hates their mother. On Decoration Day they go into the fields and gather Johnny-jumpups . The boys and men gather the lilies that cover Lily Hill and put bands of them around their hats. From the back yard she hears Doc Pope swearing, and she knows his chickens have flown over the fence into his vegetable garden again, and he is throwing rocks at them. Bishop's going to excommunicate you for swearing, Doc, a man Nell can't see says. Anybody says I swear's a damn liar, Doc says. Her mother visits Doc Pope at home, taking Nell. His house is a oneroom cabin with a dirt roof. Inside, near the door, is a cobbler's bench. Old shoes and pieces of leather lie scattered on the floor. His bed is in a corner; his table with a chair in front of it is...


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