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Buy Iphone 7 Verizon

I was with AT&T for a long time and bought iphone 7 plus from AT&T as well. I switched my carrier to Verizon and have 4 of iphone devices unlocked from AT&T. 3 of them are iphone 6s which are working fine with Verizon but one which is the most latest iphone 7 plus is not working. It shows Verizon sign but no signal, Verizon is out of options and now I have over 700 dollars piece of brick which I cant use with Verizon. What are my options?

buy iphone 7 verizon

Thanks all for your answer, its unfortunate that after having 3 visits with Apple support when I was with AT&T and having issues with recipient unable to hear me intermittently. I was asked to replace AT&T SIM as there is a known bug with iphone 7 plus (reported by apple rep) which can cause these issues so decided to move to Verizon and now after moving my 6 lines out of which 5 are working fine and the most superior phone among is unable to join network and remain a $800+ piece of brick.

Lizdance40, do you have first hand knowledge that Visual voicemail will work with a Verizon iphone 7 on AT&T? I have an unlocked Verizon iphone 7 that I brought to At&t and visual voicemail is not working. AT&T technical support is telling me they think it is because I'm using a Verizon iphone 7. Does anyone have any first hand reports on whether visual voicemail will or will not work with a Verizon iphone 7 on at&t?

just want to touch base on this unlocking and sim not supported issues with iphone products, when you have your phone unlock make sure that current and previous carrier unlocking the phone domestically and internationally , because mine was unlock international due to my traveling to canada with clients and i had to switch to canada rogers sim card. no unlocking fee no sim device.this new tech and clouds it should sync by max 15 min after email confirmation of fully unlocked device by wireless carrier follow these steps 1, with any sim card in iphone dial ##clear# restart the phone, then with out sim dial ##clear# restart again, then insert any sim to activate it should be working fully, then dial ##UPDATE# it takes me three day to figure this issue ... idk apple or sprint or verizon or other carrier acknowledging this issue by forcing you to sale or trade and buy new phone ... maybe marketing tactics .. idk 041b061a72


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