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The bill was submitted to President Obama on February 4, who did not immediately sign it into law. On February 9, President Obama posted the bill on, giving the public five days to weigh in on it. Under a midnight February 10 deadline imposed by the FCC, broadcasters disclosed whether they would still cease broadcasting analog signals on the original date of February 17, or if they would delay until June 12, should the DTV Delay Act be signed into law.[83] On February 10, the FCC published the list. 491 stations stated they intended to transition on February 17. The FCC reserved final say on which stations would be allowed to transition on February 17 and which ones would be required to continue analog broadcasts, depending on how many viewers in each market have been determined not ready for the transition.[4][81][84][85]Most O&O stations of six major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Univision, and Telemundo, plus The CW, MyNetworkTV, TeleFutura and independent stations), as well as the station groups of Gannett, Hearst-Argyle and Meredith, committed to keeping all or most of their analog signals active until the new June 12 cutoff date.[86][87] On February 11, 2009 President Obama signed the bill into law, officially moving the cutoff date to June 12, 2009.[3] In total, 191 stations already had turned off their analog transmitters for good.[84]

Still Bill (2009) 1080p

Now these results show some promise but there are some issues with the wildly ranging frame time minimums and maximums. This will lead to stutter in games. However, once again, it's not a complete dud by any means. Can you get a better gaming system? Of course. But if you have this machine and want to still game with it, it's quite capable. I'd even say it's pretty good. You can easily play games at 1080p on the 2009 Mac Pro if you can ignore the occasional hiccup.

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