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The Ultimate Guide to PCI Serial Port Driver for Dell Optiplex 760 Desktop Computer

Hov to post this info cause i have a Optiplex 770 and i want to install XP on it (i got XP pro out of COD installed i was using it on my proffesor's pc) But my problem is this: the BIOS on this computer doesnt let me install ANY CD but this dosnt give me a bootable disk i only have it as a DVD drive so i dont know how to boot XP from it i am just downloading the XP pro iso and hoping i can boot it and install the drivers i need to make my DVD drive work on my PC

Pci Serial Port Driver Dell Optiplex 760 Download

how can i fix this on my dell optiplex 760? my device manager says theres no driver for the port so i cant install the drivers i need to make my digital camera work the dell has a sata controller but it doesnt let me install any cd but i have it as a dvd drive so i dont know how to make a bootable disc for the dell so i can install the drivers i need to make my digital camera work everything else seems to work ok even my mouse and keyboard

Hi, I have a dell optiplex 760 and the keyboard and mouse work perfect but the usb port does not work i have tryed to find a usb cable for the port but to no sucess. I have change the cable to see if i can find it anymore but to no sucess any help would be very much appericated.

I was able to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit driver with no problems. I have a Optiplex 320. It has a SATA Controller integrated into it. However, the HDD is setup as RAID 1: I have 2 hard drives in the same RAID 1. You will need to install the 64-bit drivers for the SATA Controller if you wish to install Windows.

1.Double-click the downloaded file to unzip it. 2.Copy the contents of the newly unzipped file to the folder where you installed the original Virtual Serial Port Driver. The Virtual Serial Port Driver needs access to the C:\Program Files\Virtual Serial Port Driver\ folder to run correctly.


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