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SoMo - Back To The Start

Special Olympics Missouri is so excited to have athletes back on the playing field. We recommend masks be worn for all indoor activities (except when competing) or when social distancing is not possible. We will follow the guidelines of the venues that host SOMO events (competition, training, and fundraising) and their local health department guidelines. If the venue or local health department requires masks, we will respect their protocols.

SoMo - Back to the Start

Coaches will still be required to complete COVID-19 Training via the Special Olympics North America learning portal at This document will give you instructions for how to register and then submit your training to Norma Gilliland at Please allow yourself at least an hour to watch the video. At the end of the video, please take the short quiz. Your results will automatically be sent to Norma Gilliland. Thank You.

The heel of the proverbial Italian boot, Puglia is Italy with some of the sheen rubbed off. Hilltop white villages, hair-rasing roads, crumbling masserias and fields and fields of knotted olive trees are the backdrop for a holiday that will feel equal parts relaxing and adventurous.

As soon as the Autumn equinox passes us by, and daylight savings comes to an end, we start dreaming of a mid-winter jaunt to somewhere warm, somewhere exciting, or at least somewhere else. If you\u2019re starting to think about booking a trip of your own, let us take you through our favourite spots from our holidays last year. 041b061a72


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