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Aseprite uses its own binary file type to store data, which is typically saved with .ase or .aseprite extensions. Different third-party projects were developed to support parsing of .ase files in programming languages including C#,[17] Python[18] and JavaScript,[19] and in game engines such as Unity[20] and Godot.[21]



Hello asepriters! After several months we are preparing the firstrelease candidate to finally move forward to v1.3 (and leave v1.2behind). If everything goes well (and probably with a couple of extrarelease candidates) we will finally put v1.3 in the main channel (andthe beta channel will be used to bring new features quickly).

Hi asepriters! We hope you are taking care of yourself in these hard moments we all are living! Today we are releasing Aseprite v1.2.18 with important fixes and a little new feature which you can start playing with:

Hi asepriters! Today we are releasing Aseprite v1.2-beta10 with newfeatures! You canget it from all our channels. (HumbleBundle is giving some issues to upload files, but some files should be available so far.)

To have the best experience, check the box to "Give full trust to this script". It will also prompt you when it saves the recording as a png since it doesn't support layers like a .aseprite file does. You may want to check that box as well, otherwise it will get quite annoying.

Sadly I don't see the scripts tab. Is the version I am using way past the required one? that's what It looks like. Would definitely love to have this functionality for whatever art I make using aseprite.Was going to donate the $2 bucks, but then saw I couldn't use it. If you're still working on this, I'd still be down, if not, I completely understand too.

Many thanks @ISSOtmPrior to seeing your comment, I had ended up trying to update aseprite on its own, which didn't work, so I did as per your second recommendation and that worked fine.I've had no issues with updates related to the move to 1.2.40-1.

So I deleted the build folder, changed my generator in CMake from "Visual Studio 14 2015" to "Visual Studio 14 2015 x64", generated everything again, repeated step 1 and rebuilt it one last time in visual studio and it finally created the aseprite.exe file

MonoGame.Aseprite is a free and open source library for the MonoGame Framework that assists in importing Aseprite (.ase .aseprite) files into your game project. No need to export a spritesheet from Aseprite and have to deal with a PNG + JSON file. With MonoGame.Aseprite, you can use the Aseprite file directly.

ASEPRITE-EXTENSION files are ZIP files that have been renamed to use the .aseprite-extension extension, so Aseprite can recognize and load them more easily. The files' contents differ based on the type of feature they are used to install. For example, an ASEPRITE-EXTENSION file used to install an additional language will contain a .JSON and .INI file, while an ASEPRITE-EXTENSION file used to install a new theme will contain a JSON, .XML, .PNG, and ASEPRITE-DATA file.

It does not load any actual images, just the metadata. Currentlyit only loads aseprite's JSON export format, and only whenexported in a particular format that has all the options justright. I've yet to find a use case that won't cover though.

Automatically exporting a sprite to a given format is documentedhere: The easy way to export inthe right format is to use a command such as aseprite -b boonga.ase --sheet boonga.png --format json-array --data boonga.json 041b061a72


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