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Hence why GoW UE was made. Only problem is, GoW UE is only available on the MS Store, where they want $20 for it, yet you can get Gears of War 4 at any reputable key site legally for less than a 4th of that.

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Somehow though, using only the most important one, Detail Mode, allows me to crank it up from 2 to 5, and not only stays intact, but lets me adjust any graphics settings. I took some time dialing in both post processing settings and brightness, and it looks pretty close to what I wanted.

The only reason I persisted with the campaign, other than needing to do so for this article, was that I managed to get it running quite smoothly on my computer at a whopping 1800p resolution with almost all visual toggles maxed out. (This, like Forza Horizon 3, is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. A single digital purchase unlocks the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10 systems, though disc owners do not enjoy the same benefit.) When I first booted the campaign mode on my Windows 10 testing rig (an i7-4770K processor, overclocked at 4.2GHz, and a factory-OC'ed 980Ti), I opted for 1080p resolution to play it safe, only to find I could lock performance at a blistering 60fps with all settings maxed out.

You feel every emotional beat when it hits. The gameplay can be amazing one moment and terrifying the next. A character might warrant disgust one moment only to get a laugh out of you an hour later. It tackles complex themes and expands the horizons of what can be said within even a mainstream framework like Gears of War.

Gears of War finally made its way to the PC, only to wind up a little bit broken. When you first fire it up, it will automatically download an update for Windows Live. Once the download is complete, you get kicked back to the game's main menu, but if you don't quit the game at that point, the update won't complete.

But that word "anywhere" is a little misleading. For one thing, Gears of War 4 can only be played on a PC running Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It's an operating system exclusive---a fully updated operating exclusive, at that---and a Windows Store exclusive as well, which puts it well out of the "normal" range when it comes to PC gaming. Microsoft isn't alone in wanting their games in their store exclusively---EA has Origin, for instance---but they are alone in requiring Windows 10 for a game to work.

And really, there's no reason for this. Gears of War 4 might run better on a Windows 10 machine, but plenty of PC games---pretty much all modern PC games---work fine on multiple Windows operating systems. Certainly the game could have support for more than one operating system, and simply look much better in Windows 10 running DX12. But largely this seems to be an effort to force upgrades and to ensure that the game is sold only in the Windows Store.

Last week we headed to Microsoft's Sydney headquarters to get another hands-on crack at Xbox exclusive shooter Gears of War 2. We had a fiddle with a build of the game at E3 2008 during the show, but until now our play has been limited to only the Horde multiplayer mode. For those that haven't been keeping up, Horde sees you and friends battling an endless stream of Locust (including a constantly ramping level of difficulty and spawn frequency) until you and your buddies are dead. Today was all about single-player though and we plonked down in a darkened room, controller in hand, cranked the volume up and jumped in Act One.

The opening part of the first act takes place in Jacinto medical hospital, ground zero for action as stretchers carrying injured Gears are rushed around. Inside the building we were struck by the sudden emptiness and calm. Naturally this is only temporary and serves as a lead in to the skirmish that kicks off after you detonate a gas tank stockpile ambush and killing a group of Locust hanging out. From here on in it's familiar territory for anyone that played the first game and comprises third-person over-the-shoulder perspective shooting and the game's cover mechanics. Reload bonuses make a return and provided you tap the right controller shoulder button in the target zone you'll receive a damage bonus to your weapon. As always it's a risk vs. reward system and while the lure of a faster, more powerful reload is tempting, missing the mark will result in a jammed weapon with a reload speed penalty. Once you've met back up with Carmine (having deserted his post outside) you'll head out into the sunlight and battle your way down a set of stairs and inch your way down heavily guarded streets using abandoned burned out cars as makeshift cover.

A secondary storyline starts to unfold around this point focusing around Dom's wife who has gone missing. Naturally he's upset about the whole thing and kicks dirt, yells at the Locust, and fires off a couple of stray bullets at no one in particular. After a quick gee up by the leader of the COG explaining the light mass bombing campaign has not only failed to wipe out the Locust but has instead made them stronger, it's decided the best way to combat the problem is to take the fight to them in their underground bases. To do this you'll need to head to Landown (one of the few remaining intact outposts) aboard a group of huge monster truck dredger vehicles called Assault Derricks (named Betty and Marilyn). It's here you'll meet Dizzy, a redneck Gear conscript and proud owner of the rig you'll be riding. Along the way you'll need to shoot down incoming enemy mortar fire using either your Lancer or a turret mounted on a raised platform on the front edge of the vehicle. Aiming on the turret is quite heavy and subsequently feels like you're moving in mud, but its high rate of fire makes it easier to spray and pray as objects fly towards you. It does tend to overheat quite quickly though, so you'll need to shoot in short controlled bursts to avoid too much downtime. At one point Betty suffers a nasty injury and you'll need to jump off while Dizzy makes some field repairs. Here you'll need to defend your position as you're attacked from multiple sides. Finding and maintaining cover becomes essential as the groups attempt to flank you. After what we imagine is a scripted amount of time you can return to the vehicle and continue on your merry way.

Once you reach Landown you'll go back to travelling on foot and follow a linear path of abandoned buildings as it snows gently outside. Tickers are a new enemy type in Gears of War 2 and are about the size of a dog and covered in explosives. Obviously you'll want to avoid getting too close for fear of them rushing and blowing themselves up, taking you with them. Your shotgun becomes particularly useful against these guys and makes short work of them even at range. There's an element of franticness trying to wipe them out before they can get near your squad. It becomes even tougher when you're plunged into a darkened tunnel and hear them skitter ahead of you. After surviving the onslaught you'll return to Betty and again need to defend your position against wave after wave of Locust. Once the area is clear you strap into a giant two-person dredger tube to be fired into the earth's crust. It's only once snugly inside and as the machine prepares to launch that a new enemy character (literally) jumps onto the scene and slices the Assault Derrick in half with a unique weapon halfway between a metal pole and a giant can-opener. The character has more than a striking resemblance to the Predator from the film series of the same name. You try to escape your pod to lend a hand but try as you might you're trapped inside. Dizzy picks up a rifle and buys you some time as you finish the tail end of you launch sequence and go hurtling through molten rock and into the earth's bowels at a million miles an hour.

"There are certain characters I've latched on to over the past 10, 20 years, and Bane was one of them. No discredit to Tom Hardy's version of Bane, I love that performance, I loved that film. I'd just love a crack at it. I think I could bring an interesting twist to it and I think I could do the character justice. Not only in performance, but also in physicality. I'd love that role where I'd have to go back up to 320 pounds just to play this character, like that it would happen. I Bane in a way that's not only menacing and ominous but also freakishly intelligent. Bane would be the type of character that's so menacing and so terrifying and so intelligent, he would hardly ever raise his voice."

"Mr. Hinx, he was so terrifying, his demeanor hardly ever changed. He was very happy to be beating the hell out of someone. He wasn't super overly aggressive, he was just so confident in what he was doing. That's the way I perceive Bane to be as well. He would not only be physically superior, he'd be mentally superior. I love the idea of the challenge of playing that character. I like when you can play a brute who's not your predictable brute. Any big muscular guy can play the guy who is screaming, and growling, and yelling. But if you play a guy who is not only physically menacing but also soft-spoken, and even more terrifying when he's speaking to you softly with a smile on his face, then that is a villain."

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That Gears of War movie might finally come together. Universal Pictures has hired screenwriter Shane Salerno (Armageddon) to pen the script for the video game adaptation based on Microsoft Studios' beloved Xbox game franchise. Studios have been trying to crack an adaptation of the iconic game for near a decade now, but Universal only came aboard the project late 2016 and they seem to be making moves to finally get the movie on screens. Dylan Clarke (Patriot's Day) is producing for the studio.


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